Scale: 1/72

A conversion of M1025 Armament carrier from Military Wheels 1/72 plastic model kit

This is a short-run kit from Russia. Although the kit is quite nice – it has many parts for making not only M1025, that we can use for future building – the quality of detail is not so good. There is some flash on each part and sometimes it is very difficult to separate the flash from the part! It is a shame because the kit has quite detailed interior an also chassis, the only really wrong thing are „no pattern“ tires. In the beginning, I wanted to build this kit basically „as it is“, but some photos from Internet convinced me to do a conversion to the heavily armoured version M1114, which is used by the Slovenian Army during ISAF missions. So there are things, which are visible and different from M1025: doors, sidewalls, front window frame, car mask, roof cover and cargo housing. I scratched the doors, sidewalls and roof cover, the front window frame, car mask and roof and cargo housing were just „tuned“ with additional details. Some improvements were made also in the interior (radio and radio desk, some cargo, windows, gunner’s sitting strap etc.) an on the exterior (mirrors w. holders, anchoring w. belts for spare wheel on the cargo doors, antennae w. holders, gun and its magazine w. holder). The marking „ISAF“ is masked off and then painted with white colour, other marking like the number „64C“ and the badge is printed with laser printer on decal paper and then the badge was coloured. I also carved the „aggressive pattern“ on all five tires. I think the kit isn’t bad at all, but there is a lot of work on it – and I’m afraid it isn’t worth it. That is why I’d rather  recommend you the Revell or Dragon kit instead of building HMMWV from Military Wheels in 1/72!