Pz. Kpf. VI Tiger II 1/72 scale kit by ESCI

     This model is special rare in my mini collection of Czechoslovak and Czech Army vehicles.
     The tank Tiger II hasnít ever been used in our army but I have found information about one piece of this heavy tank used for exercises of heavy wrecking. 
     I just made the best of the ESCI kit I bought because of my sympathy to this type. 
     The camouflage is realized according to the monograph of this type published in HPM magazine. I just temporarily spotted crosses.
     There are no special modifications on the model except the machine guns removing. 
     I have no any background for this model but I hope that the accurate modelers will forgive me this little bid science-fiction model. 
In conclusion let me point out that the building of ESCI kits is very simple and I miss them very much!