Tatra T-57K 1/72 Attack

     This car served in Czechoslovak army during second half of the fifties of last century.
     The camouflage and marking was realized according to the known picture published in ”Canceled Wings” book. This car participated on tests of second prototype of HC-2 helicopter. On the picture you can see the crew of Tatra receiving some document from the crew of helicopter hovered above them. This test was probably done in 1957.
     The decal of identification marking is the result of my first attempt to print my own decals by OKI (ALPS) DP-5000 jet. I have no idea if the rear identification marking was same as front one therefore I realized it as identical and covered it behind spare wheel.
     I would like to know if my solution is correct therefore please contact me if anybody has some reference concerning the back of this car. The model was built straight from the box without any bigger modifications.
     My opinion concerning this kit is not positive. I had some problems building this model and also front fenders are not realized enough accurate according to the pattern.
     There are two etched brasses sets (PART and EXTRATECH) could maybe solve this problem are available on market but their prices are too high for me.