M74 Recovery Vehicle 1/72

     This model of Israeli recovery vehicle is ”scratchbuilt” conversion of Sherman M4A1 by Revell and M4A3E8 by Hasegava. Low part of the hull reduced to fit in upper part of the hull is built of modified parts of Hasegawa’s kit. The parts of the chassis by Hasegawa are used without any modification. The upper part of the hull is completed from modified parts by Revell and is detailed by many details scratchbuilt of sheet, plastic and copper wire. The turret with the arm is complete sctratchbuilt. The turret roof is made of plastic and the sides of sheet. The arm is built out of plastic rods and sheets. The construction on the end ou the arm is made of sheet and the cable is made of copper wires blacked in the fire. The 1/35 scale kit M-32 by Italery was reference for this turret but I have modified it to the turret used on M-74.

     The patina is created with help of dry pastel and water paints. The camouflage is airbrushed according to real vehicle I have found in publication ”M4 Sherman and derivatives” by Verlinden publication.