Antitank guns of Czechoslovak army
(post WW2)


German 37mm PAK 35/36 – in 1/76 scale by Matchbox
German 75mm PAK 40 – in 1/76 scale by Matchbox
Soviet 57mm type 43, alias ZIS-2 - in 1/72 scale by SKIF
Soviet 76mm divisional gun type 42, alias ZIS-3 – in 1/72 scale by SKIF

     Czechoslovak army used many guns of German, Soviet, British origin as well as prewar Czechoslovak guns. My collection includes these four types only but I plan to increase their number in future. The ZIS-3 wasn’t designed as antitank gun, nevertheless this gun was universal and was successfully used for this purpose. All models are very simple and it is easy to build them. 

   On some pictures you can see mentioned guns towed by Sd.Kfz. 69 Protz ”Nosy”, Zis-5V and Sd.Kfz.11. also served in our army after WW2.