BTR-152 1/72 by MAC
Czechoslovak People’s Army, 1975

     The camouflage was realized according to instruction sheet. The decals are also original from the kit box.  

     The model has been built straight from the box without any modification. I have read the review of this kit published in HPM magazine where is written this kit is relatively accurate therefore I didn’t look for any reference materials. The building of this model was very simple and I enjoyed it. I have to mention the not too correct interior equipment. The seats are too small. Other parts as wheel, ammunition boxes atc. are not so bad. The model is airbrushed with Agama and Humbrol paints.

    I have realized my model in ”parade” patina without any oil, mud and  scratches.

    I’m not sure how many of these well-known vehicles served in our army. I think not too many because of the competition of our domestic armored vehicles OT.

     The camouflage schema in the instruction sheets shows simple one color khaki vehicle from year 1975 and I decided believe. This model represented the ”modernized” type in my collection of Czech army vehicles before I finished my BRDM-2. If anybody has some reference info concerning this vehicle or it’s other versions, especially ambulance serving in Czechoslovak People’s Army, please let me know.