BRMD-2 1/72 by ACE
Czechoslovak People’s Army

     The camouflage is realized according one 1/35 scale model of BRDM-2 I have found on Net.  The decals are original from the kit but I had to cut one of the cockade because both of them have same orientation (this mistake is very often in ”east” kits) The numbers are taken from decal sheet of BTR-152 kit. The model is painted with khaki. I have no reference photo of this wheeled armored vehicle therefore I have realized my model in ”parade” patina without any oil, mud and  scratches.

     The model has been built straight from the box without any big modifications. Frankly, the big modifications have to be realized to complete this kit because it is not good example of accuracy. You have to use your file and razor-blade for connecting edges very often.

     I have got some drawings but I haven’t compared the dimensions. Nevertheless the model seems to me be adequate miniature of real vehicle.

     You can find also 1/72 scale resin kits by ARMO Jadar on the market but they have much rougher details than kits by ACE have.

     There is also dimension difference comparing them that is not good for placing of the models built from these kits by different produces beside each other in your show case.

     I wouldn’t like to look like soviet armores lover but I think BRDM-2 is very good, simple and serviceable vehicle.

     The ACE comes with more versions of this vehicle so I will put new ”brothers” SA-9, BRDM-2rch, BRDM-2 with AT-5 to my show case soon.

     This model represents the ”modernized” type in my collection of Czech army vehicles.