M4 Sherman Ambulance 
(Medical Evacuation Tank)
- Early Type 1/72 scale conversion

     The model you can see on pictures below is the model of early type of IDF armored ambulance based on Sherman M4A3 HVSS chassis /cast hull/ developed according to IDF order in late 60í. This rare vehicle has the engine moved in front part of the hull to get enough space for the medical staff also for the stretchers.

     The model is based on Sherman M4A1(76) kit by Revell. First I have completed the chassis and the hull /without the track leading charts and rear part Ė Item 25/.

     I have cut away the fenders and replaced them with new ones made of metal sheet to get better look of their field modification. Then I have cut away gun transport support and incorrect eyes from front part of the full and also removed the engine deck and tools from rear upper part of the hull. I have made completely new hull roof /it really wasnít simple/. I have placed new can holders on right side of the hull and other tool holders on left one. All made of metal sheet. The mew lights guards are also made of metal sheet.

     The handrails and the periscope guards are made of thin copper wire. The new stowage, eyes and the holders of the smoke grenade launchers are made of plastic.

     The model is completed with machinegun mask /without gun/ and with original tracks from Revellís kit.

     The model is airbrushed with mixed light gray-green paint. The patina has been done with paints using the airbrush and the brush. The decals have been printed using Laser Jet. Everything is finished with flat varnish.

     This model has been build according to the pictures I have found in Izraeli M4 Sherman and Derivates publication by Verlinden Production and camouflage and marking /red Davidís shield/ have been realized according to the picture taken in Latrun Museum.

Szilard Lukas
Liptovsky Mikulas
Slovak republic

Note: There is only one identical model on all pictures! The color difference is caused by using two different cameras taking these pictures.