Peugeot DMA Light Truck - 1/72


Name Peugeot DMA
Producer  RETROMODEL (Czech Republic)
Packing Cardboard box
Type of kit Resin

This kit is made of 22 resin pieces, and it is quite easy to build. The instruction sheet depicts a well detailed profile of the truck and an accurate guide to the painting, according to the theatre of operations (Europe 1940-43 and 1943-45, Africa 1941-43) in two languages, Czech and English. English explanations are somewhat approximative but understandable. No address of the producer is supplied, which is not a good thing if there should be missing pieces.

Instruction sheet Yes
Decals No
General Impression & Note

The Camionnette Peugeot DMA was a small truck (weight 2000 kgs.) of the French Army, whose prototype appeared in mid-1940, too late for being used in the Battle for France (May-June 1940).

In the period March 1941- September 1944 almost 16000 samples of this truck were built (including the Q5A version), of which 87% were requisitioned by the Germans and employed in great numbers in Africa, Europe and on the Eastern front.

Pictures of the vehicle in German service are not infrequent, also with Imbert Holzgas generator (different from the Gohin-Poulenc generator made in France).

This vehicle was very appreciated by the German users for its reliability and good performance. Somebody even said this truck, and also the Renault AHS/AHN, were frequently preferred to the Opel Blitz.

After the end of the war in France (1944), the vehicle was built by Peugeot plants from 1945 until 1948, for civilian purposes.

Technical data: 12 Hp, weight 2000 kg, max. payload 1860 kg.

Many thanks to Frédéric Deté for the collaboration.