AEC Deacon in 1/72 scale  


Name AEC Deacon /Item No. T-7268/
Producer  TP Model, Czech republic
Packing Carton box with color picture on the top
Type of kit resin kit
Quality The resin parts have relatively fine surface but with rougher details. They include lot of flash to clean. The smaller parts are completely covered with resin and it could make problems to inexperienced modellers. Some very fine details of the body, the chassis and the antitank 6 pdr gun are missing and have to be sctratchbuild in case you want complete more precise model. I compared this kit with 1/76 scale drawings I have found in IPMS Il Notiziario modelling magazine. After recalculation drawings to 1/72 scale I can say that kitís accurate.  
Instruction sheet multi-view plan of the vehicle, chassis details and one camouflage side view
Decals no
You can get nice model of rare British self-propelled antitank gun but it will take you little more work.
Note The Deacon vehicle as well as command AEC Dorchester and wheeled tank line AEC Mk.I, Mk.II a MK.III is based on AEC truck chassis. The driverís compartment as well as the engine is armored. The open turret with 6 pdr, that is similar to the turrets used on destroyers, is mounted on the vehicle body. The ammunition for the gun was transported in special armored ammo transport vehicle. The TP Model company also offers this ammo transporter under name Matador 0853 Ammunition carrier (Item. No. T-7272). Only reference documentation I have found for this vehicle is already mentioned magazine Il Notiziario. This magazine includes 1/35 & 1/76 scale drawings and few photos of both vehicles /AT & ammo/.

You can find emblem of 1st armored division (rhino) on these drawings, so I suppose that these vehicles served in some unit of mentioned division in North Africa.

We thank to TP Model company for free sample for our preview.

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