Decals for Churchills, Stuarts and Sextons in 1/72 scale

Name Churchill, Stuart and Sexton 1/72 (DM-118)
Producer  Decalcomaniacs, USA
Packing   Plastic bag with paper label
Type of kit Decals

After several conversion sets for Churchills were released recently, there was only one problem remaining - what to do with marking? Here is the cure. With this decal set You can build Churchill Mk. III, NA 75, Mk. V and Mk. VII from WWII. Marking for flamethrower Crocodile is only from Korea. There is also Mk. VI, but in reality it is another NA 75. You can find pictures of this tank named Castlerobin at great website of Gerry Chester, who served on Churchills with North Irish Horse in Africa and Italy:  There are also markings for Sextons, Shermans and Stuarts. Some of these vehicles served alongside Churchills, so You can build a diorama of different vehicles with this set. The decals are printed on laser printer and it is quite visible. Especially smaller emblems are not very sharp.

Instruction sheet  Schematic diagram of placing of individual emblems
General impression & note This set is based especially on older Osprey book, so there are some small mistakes. Decals are quite nice and in addition, it is so far only set aimed at different Churchill versions.