7.5 cm IG 37 Infantry Gun 1/72 


7.5cm IG 37 Infantry Gun, Kit #RE 72326

Kit Maker Attack Hobby Kits, Czech Republic
Packaging Clear plastic box with carboard backing
Kit Type

All resin model kit


The gun's 14 parts are cast in a light amber colored resin.  There are also 11 rounds of 75-mm ammunition and 11 spent cartridges included.  Molding quality is very good with fine and delicate detail.  As seen in the scan, the parts are cast onto large pour-plugs though the parts do not look difficult to remove with a sharp razor.  Three short rods have to be produced from plastic.

Instruction Sheet A simple exploded-view drawing and a drawing of the completed gun.
Decals none
General Impression & Note

I commend Attack from producing a fine model of a rare artillery gun.  The kit shares many parts from Attack Kit #72302.

This weapon was an infantry gun to replace the German 7.5-cm IG 18, with a new gun mounted on the carriage and shield of the old 3.7-cm Pak 36 and captured Soviet 45-mm AT guns.  Introduced in 1944, it would be painted panzer-yellow, and likely typical German camoufalge patterns.  The ammunition was the same as that used by the IG 18. 

Reference: German Artillery of World War Two (1997), by Ian V. Hogg