VK-4501 (P) Ferdinand Tiger
in 1/72 scale

Name VK-4501 (P) Ferdinand Tiger (Item No. T –7203)
Producer  TP Model, Czech Republic
Packing Carton box with line drawing on the top
Type of kit Resin kit + wire
Quality You can find lot of bubbles and flashes on all of parts. The hull is realized as one huge piece as well as the turret. The turret is cast as the hollow giving chance to open hatches. Smaller parts including the wheels and tracks are covered with resin film. Some details are very rough and whose modification will bring lot of work. The tracks are cast as four resin stripes and you have to warm up them in hot water or by drier and shape them before you fix them on the model. The kit includes also ”metal parts”! These parts are the two ropes made of thin copper wires. 
Instruction sheet Czech/English instructions how to work with the resin kits and graphic instruction sheets.
Decals no
General Impression The first look in the box is so and so, nevertheless I think it is possible to build /with more work of course/ model of interesting prototype heavy tank. It is evident the kit is based on parts from plastic kits Ferdinand/Elefant by ESCI and Tiger by Hasegawa. The simplest way how to build this resin model is to combine it with the parts of mentioned plastic parts!
Note I I have found in publication Ferdinand/Elefant by Militaria that some of these prototype tanks served in 653. Schwere Heeres Panzerjaeger Abteilung in Poland in 1944. There are two camouflage schemas in that magazine both vehicles are covered with zimmerit.