"Trucks 'n' Tracks"

Folkestone, UK

Giesbers/Den Bells


HK p 606 prototyp, Steyr 640 ambulance, more Steyr 640 versions planned.





Praga T9 Tractor, Italian tank trailer with recovery CV33, Austrian ATG tank trailer + Austrian Armoured car, Phaenomen Granit 25H Recovery + S Trucks, assorted italian+austrian CV33 versions.


Bull Models

Ford YMCA Canteen truck, more versions based on this chassis TBA (GS, wireless)



German early "short" 21 cm mortar+limber, some modern stuff,too, of which I didnt take photos.




Opel Blitz with ambulance/workshop/radio body conversion, fits Airfix/Heller.Saw parts of the master for a Fiat bus TBA. Gossip was a Vomag bus TBA,too.



Sorry no photos. Re-released some BK Modelcrafts kits in new boxes, they want to extend the new Engineering Range, next kit maybe a excavator/shovel.



 Bedfor OY X-ray body + Bedford OY Office bod(photo didnt turn out,shame)



New Landing ship, CMP trucks with or without tilt at "Battlefield Range". Sorry no photos.


Convoy Models

Still in business, but no new kits at the moment.


MAFVA. contest and show





Outside displays


The british 3.7 inch AA gun +25 pdr gun are on permanent display at Dover Castle (on top of the White Cliffs) near Folkestone.They havesecret wartime tunnels to visit,too (headquarter for the Dunquirk evacuation of BEF 1940) Unfortunately no photos inside allowed.



Juergen Kurz