V. Międzynarodowy Konkurs Plastikowych Modeli Redukcyjnych

Ostrów Wielkopolski, Poland
13-14. 3. 04

Because of school I could stay in Ostrów only for 1 day (like always it is 2-day event) and only as a spectator. The competition was held at one of the local schools in the gym.

Models in 1/72 scale could start in 4 categories: artillery, combat vehicles, military vehicles and dioramas. I think there were about 30 or more models in our scale. Some of them were real jewels (I like especially the Ostwind). The event was visited by Jan Pavlik who arrived with the guys from TP Model. Jan showed 3 models but I had the luck to hold his Grille in my hand – this model wasn’t shown to the public J

The flea market was also nice with guests from TP and Eduard.

In the photos:


-         Brumbar – Armo conversion (pretty Zimmerit) based on Revell’s PIV

-         Famo w/ trailer – Planet Model by Juliusz Olejnik

-         Achilles by Juliusz Olejnik – 1st. Extratech plastic model with lots of detail added

-         Sd Kfz 234/1 from Mars


-         Ostwind – with Part and Extratech accesories

-         Pz. IV F1 by Jan Pavlik – extremely detailed

-         The Panzer train is a prototype that will be made by Jadar 


 Me & Jan Pavlik       Juliusz Olejnik & Jan Pavlik

Piotr Mostowiak