KADEN Cup - Model Nachod



This was my first model show in about nine or ten years and my first in Europe and I must say that I was impressed with the show in Nachod. Unfortunately, like most shows, we were dominated by our "big" 1/35 scale brothers but there were some very nice 1/72 models and dioramas, mainly from Small Scale contributors Jiri Bednar and Piotr Mostowiak.  Mr. Bednar, who has contributed a lot to the modern section of this website, brought some models from the Second World War, including an interesting prewar Skoda PA-II armored car, definitely something you don't see everyday.  Piotr Mostowiak also brought something unusual for 1/72 scale, a Polish bunker from MDS, complete with some converted Preiser figures.  Unfortunately for us, Jan Pavlik brought two great models, one of which took first place.  (I can't remember if he won for the Cromwell or the Tiger transport?)  A Cromwell Mark IV with a complete interior and what looked like the Extratech photoetch tracks and a Tiger I ready for transport on a railroad flatcar, pushed by a Faun ZR.  I personally was impressed with the incredible paint jobs that Mr. Pavlik was able to do. 







Milan and I were lucky enough to win bronze and silver; Milan for his Shorland Mk.1 from Northern Ireland and myself for an Esci Panzer IB. 

In addition to trophies, we also received some great metal display models of Skoda cars from the main sponsor, Kaden.  Even for such a small show there were quite a few vendors with Braille merchandise, including the MIG distributor for the Czech Republic and TP Models as well with a very big selection of his resin models. 


It was also good to see some many young modelers at this event.  It's nice to know that our hobby can compete with computers and the Internet.  One talented girl won several trophies for such different things like a dinosaur pair and a sailing ship. All in all, it was a great way to spend a Saturday, seeing some fine models and finally meeting some friends from the Internet.

Jeff Hamblen