Flanders Modelling Festival/Flanders Contest 2006

Hoboken, Belgium (near Antwerp)


As every year, Flanders Modelling Festival occupied all the buildings at the ground floor of the Don Bosco Institute in Hoboken for one day. Even then, space was at a premium, and even during the long chill of this year's winter the body heat of the visitors made the central heating system more than superfluous.

More than the Nationals, ModFest is a vendor's delight, although the competition tables drew their share of the attention. Still, it was my impression that there was a little more free space on these tables than last year.

Below you find some pictures of the Braille scale classes (stand-alone and diorama). Unfortunately – after repeated requests to the organisation – I didn’t get a list of the competitors, so I cannot identify the craftsmen behind the models.

Stand alone 1-72/76

 Winner & 2nd



 Winner & 2nd (Laurent Thiery)


Judges at work


Rob Haelterman