”Kit Show Beroun” Beroun

This traditional modelling show and contest was held in town Beroun during weekend 13th –14th of April. Unfortunately I had chance to go there for a while only on Sundy only because of time shortage. Nevertheless I took photos /little poor quality again L /of all military models in 1/76-72 scale that participated in contest for your info. You can find on them few models you probably know from our photogallery but also many other nice models that are unfortunately not in yet.

N_Beroun2002_01.jpg (4661 bytes)  N_Beroun2002_02.jpg (4351 bytes)  N_Beroun2002_03.jpg (4604 bytes)  N_Beroun2002_04.jpg (4860 bytes)

Many traders and produces also participated in this event.

N_Beroun2002_06.jpg (5688 bytes)

For example here above you can see Extratech’s stand.

N_Beroun2002_07.jpg (5717 bytes)

Here above is photo of Kora Models stand with Mr. Roberta Korabu /left/ and Mr. Stepan Los /right/ who is the author of number of nice models you can find in our photogallery.

Unfortunately I forgot to take photo of TP Model’s so I have to apologize to Mr. Michalek.J